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Name of Product :PCS Project Filing System
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Project Filing System
a "Document Life Cycle Management" from authoring through reviews, approval, distribution and archiving ...

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      Success to business in today's competitive environment depend upon your strength and proficiency in accessing instant information. Document Filing System is the ultimate solution. In Document Filing System, user is able to store any office file and edit them with the application auto defined for each document type.

      PFS allows user to retrieve documents with ease. User can search for document using any description either in the profile fields or within the attachments. Templates for each stage of the project can be defined to ensure that employees file their document according to the company standards.

      Documents are stored centrally ensuring that knowledge is consistently maintained within the organization. Document versioning in PFS maintain multiple version of a document to enable proper document audit trail. Check in and Check out features ensures that no authorised amendments to document are lost due to update conflict by multiple users to the same document. A document however, is still accessible to authorized readers even though it is checked out for amendment by a user. In manual filing, a document will not be available once it is taken off the shelf by an user for either reference or editing.

      PFS can also reduce email mailbox size. This can be achieved by emailing to users only link to document which actually resides in the PFS. In a normal scenario when a user sends an email to 10 person with a file attachment, the same attached document will be stored into 10 persons mailbox and thus occupying a lot of mail server disk space,

      PFS is designed so workgroups and individual users can quickly and easily save, organize, archive, and share information securely, provides a cost-effective filing solution for document intensive environments worldwide.